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Replacing an old roof is an important investment. Finding a reasonably priced contractor that offers top quality work is part of the process. The decision to replace with the same type of roof or a different kind enters the equation. Another option is to repair the damaged spot if most of the roof remains in good condition.

Replacement best services a 20-year-old roof or one that exhibits signs of wearing out and in need of significant repair. We provide the best roof replacement value for businesses and home in the Central Ohio area.

Roofing Services

Explaining the importance of having a roof in good condition is unnecessary. Dealing with an established full-service roofing contractor like Buckeye Vinyl is wise. Choosing an experienced company that provides a variety of roofing services means a one-stop shop for a new roof, new gutters, or roof repair. Trained specialists work with customers. They establish the best action plan based on factors such as budget and how long the residents plan to live in the home.


Asphalt Shingle Roofs – A new asphalt shingle roof installation goes over existing asphalt shingles if a sound roof structure is in place. When two layers of asphalt are on the roof, stripping the roofing down to the sheath is necessary. Flashing is also in need of renewal or replacement.

Flat Roofs – Ice, snow, and rain collect on flat roofs instead of draining. Moisture damage and leaks are common problems of flat roofs. Quality contractors carefully inspect for signs of damage due to moisture. They will likely recommend installing rigid foam insulation beneath roof material if replacement is necessary.

Metal Roofs – These roofs require special techniques known to contractors. Inspections and repairs are parts of the service. Alternative materials and profiles are available.

There are several determining factors for how long a roof lasts. The design and type of roof are important considerations. Roofing materials are of better quality than they once were. Manufacturers give 50-year warranties on premium-grade asphalt shingles. Sealants, waterproof membranes, and flashing are also of significantly better quality. Quality materials and quality contractors mean quality roofs.

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